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Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Company life baddal kahitari...
Great Software Laboratory madhe yeun 10 divas zale. They treat us as great people :-). Kishore chya bhashet "Kadak istri keleli company ahe". On the first day itself, I was given visiting cards. It was great feeling reading my name on it.
The company is located near Parihar Chowk, Aundh. We reach there by 10 in the morning and work there till 6.30 in the evening. We have lunch break at 1 p.m. After lunch, it has become a habit for freshers to go for a walk. At about 2 p.m. we return to our work. Tea is served 2 times: at 10.30 in the morning and 5 in the evening. Apart from that, we always have facility of machine coffee and tea any time during the day. We also have facility of telephone from our desk and internet all the time :-)
People here are particularly well dressed and have decent manners. Particularly, there is no "sir" thing and all of us call each other by names (as we used to do in Prabodhini). Even Shridhar (one of the founders) sits with us for lunch. Currently, there is a training program going on for us, in which they teach us all basic required things and introduce us with current technology. I have seen Pushyamitra getting bored on that lectures (because he is aware of them before).I guess this program would continue for about 2 months. They also conduct workshops on saturday. In all, weekdays are busy.
We all are assigned on different projects. As you can see, I found time to write this much, I am not doing anything write now...But they will put me somewhere soon.


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